Wednesday, July 24

Summer in Memphis

Since our house listed at the very beginning of the month, we have had more free time for fun (walks at Shelby Farms, a trip to the peach orchard in Millington), but we've been tied to Memphis with the exception of a one-day trip to Booneville to visit family for Jonathan's birthday.

For people who are always forging ahead, this "in-between" time has been good for us. We aren't looking forward or back...we're just living in our house, enjoying the summer, picking a few tomatoes (that came from seeds from last year's garden), walking Porter, trimming back the roses, cutting the grass and bushes and listening to all of the summer storms.

We know what's ahead...packing, moving, saying goodbye to this house and another chapter of our lives. We're excited about a new chapter, but this little house is very much a part of who we are. Closing that door won't be easy. Tears will be shed. Five and a half years of our lives have gone by since we moved into our home, and they have passed so quickly. I wish we just hit the pause button for a while...

In Gerald & Joan/family news, Chris and Lauren's wedding was featured on the national wedding blog, Rustic Wedding Chic, on Monday. Here's the link on the story. I took a screenshot of the homepage, because it was featured FRONT AND CENTER on Monday (since then it has moved down the slideshow). How awkward am I, by the way? I am the only one looking directly into the camera....what a weirdo!