Tuesday, June 25


Do you believe in signs?

When a lady bug crawls up your leg as you're making one of the biggest decisions of your life, do you take that as a sign? In my childhood homes in Booneville, lady bugs were like a part of the family. During certain times of the year, they were everywhere. In the five and a half years we've lived in this house, I can count the number of lady bugs I've seen inside on one hand. On the rare occasion I do find one, I relocate it to the rose bushes (lady bugs eat aphids, a common rose pest). I haven't seen more than a couple outside either. Maybe the robins eat them? We have tons of robins in our yard. Who knows.

Today we were deep in conversation with our Realtor when I felt something on my leg. Fearing a spider, I brushed it off and then looked down to see a lady bug. Perhaps it's crazy, but I immediately felt better about everything. This lady bug had to be good luck, right?

It certainly felt that way to me, but I guess time will tell. :)

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