Monday, March 25

Snapshots From Last Week...

 Lots of veggies to go with our pasta (recipe coming soon!)

 Ollie's two most prized possessions -- his pink ball and a cardboard box.

 Jonathan prepping for painting.

We have two more games left as season ticket holders, but I will always be a Grizzlies fan. 
More on this later. 

 Ollie and his British box. 

 Porter, my painting assistant. 

 See the paint on his tail? He sat in my paint bucket.

 He went from there....

 to here in a blink of an eye. Can you say spoiled?

Look at this spoiled dog! He stole my painting sheet multiple times, but he was really great company. I painted three days in a row, and K-Earth and P-Dog were my companions!

 After all that painting, pasta sounded good (recipe to come!).

 Little Love Birds thank you notes designed by me...coming soon to the Gerald & Joan Shop.

It's a terrible photo, but I made that bread (recipe to come soon!)

P.S. My sister is getting married in less than two weeks, so there's lots of chaos in my world this week and next!

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