Monday, March 18

A Sweet Message

Every once in a while, I read something that touches me so deeply that I feel moved to share it here. This came from a daily devotional from Reverend Richard Smith of Germantown United Methodist Church. He recently received a card that included it. It's a good reminder that regardless of how alone and lost we feel, we are never truly alone or lost.
I'm praying for you today...
asking God to come into
the middle of your circumstances,
the middle of your road,
the middle of your life,
and do what only
He can do - wrap His arms
around your heart,
fill you up with love
from deep inside,
and give you peace
that passes understanding.
He's got good plans for you
and He's going to see you through.
So know you're loved...
and keep holding on to the One
who will never let go of you.

P.S. I feel neither alone nor lost today, but don't we all have days when we feel discouraged and down in the dumps? Hopefully I'll remember this when I experience one of those moments...

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