Tuesday, February 12

D-Day, or V-Day if you prefer....

After dragging my feet for a few weeks, I have decided tomorrow is the day I will launch the website. I'm not sure what I've been waiting for -- maybe the nerves have finally started to set in. Sunshine and warmer temperatures would definitely do me some good. I feel guilty for saying this when the temperatures are hovering around 40-50 degrees, but I may have a mild case of the February blues. I apologize in advance, my snow-covered pals in the Midwest and Northeast!

For now, my design work has been minimal, and I've mostly been taking photos of objects that set the tone for Gerald & Joan. I think these pictures do just that. The locket was a vintage treasure of my Grandma Joan's, the old roses are from my wedding bouquet and a past Valentine's Day, and the tea is served in Franciscan 'Desert Rose' china -- the very same pattern my mother and great-grandmother loved before me. Jonathan and I registered for it on a whim, and ironically received more pieces of it than anything else. It served as the original inspiration for this blog -- the Painted Pink Roses.

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