Thursday, February 7

Always Dreaming...

For the past few years, Jonathan and I have been going back and forth about where we see ourselves living in five or 10 years. Sometimes we want to continue our life in the city, and then other times we think we'd like to live on the outskirts of town in a farm-like setting. We've also considered the beach, but we don't want to be far from our families. Family always wins out. :)

While we're not sure which direction we'll go, we know we are not the sort of people who want to move to the suburbs, although there isn't anything wrong with the suburbs! They just don't inspire us, and we like to feel inspired.

My friend Erisa lives on a farm in the middle of the state, and her story has me envisioning a funky Victorian farmhouse on a few acres of land. I'm picturing a barn, a vegetable garden, fruit trees and a big porch. Rachel Ashwell's The Prairie has also gotten under my skin and put me in a dreaming mood. We could open a B and B guest house next door if it were situated in the right area...maybe the sort of place for weddings and photo shoots? It definitely fits with the Gerald & Joan vibe. 

And of course, we would have a funky old Chevy truck, a VW Westfalia camper and a Shasta RV, just for fun. 

I think Porter would be a big fan, don't you?

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