Wednesday, February 27

A Family Tradition

Gerald & Joan offers vintage-inspired design, events and styling, but the cornerstones of the business are family, heritage, history and classic design. These two images are of Gerald and Joan and their families. Gerald is the second from the right in the top photo, and Joan is on the left in the bottom photo. Gerald, his brother Larry, his mother Elzie and his stepfather Mr. Brinkley are in front of their home in Mississippi with the family car. Joan, her brother Robert and her mother Elsie are in front of their car, presumably in their driveway after church, in this photo that was taken in Euclid, Ohio in 1949. Although I don't know the date of the photo of Gerald and his family, I would presume it was taken in the early 1950s during the summer. The bottom photo was taken during the winter months.

When I look at these photos, I see me, Jonathan, my mom and his dad. We have created this business as a way to honor our grandparents and our great-grandparents and keep the things that were important to their generations alive -- the handwritten letters on beautiful stationery, the intimate tea parties with family and friends and the welcoming homes that feel lived in and special.

Does anyone think we need to name our unborn daughter Elsie/Elzie? What are the odds that our great-grandmothers share the same name?

To see more of our family photos, click here.

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