Wednesday, July 11

#192: Break and Back

After a two-week mid-year hiatus, I'm back. I needed some time to clear my head and ponder life. Plus, I've been in a royal funk about missing our annual beach trip. Talk about depression! I was really sad about it, which in turn made me feel worse, because I have so many reasons to be grateful. Anyway, I'm back, and here's a photo summary of the past two weeks:

July 1 - July 3...painting the living and dining room...

 Ollie and Porter were not happy about it...

 I take that back...Ollie was happy about it when he was able to hide under the covers on the couch!!

Signs we were supposed to be in California...July 3

July 4 at the 61st Annual High Point Neighborhood Fourth of July Parade. 

 July 6...Pre-Birthday Dinner for Jonathan at Saigon Le. Another California sign? Rivers count as water, right?

 July 7...Morning of Jonathan's 33rd Birthday...Our first cucumber (and a few tomatoes) from our garden!

 July 7...Lunch downtown for Jonathan's birthday...

 Lunch at the Rendezvous...

Cake at home!

 July 8...a friendly kitty stopped by to visit us

Today was my weekly work from home day, and I created my first-ever ad for the Ole Miss football program. I have to admit that I'm pretty pumped about this, even if I doubt I'll make it to a game this year. It's a full-circle type of thing. Making my alma mater proud!

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