Tuesday, June 26

#177: Hair

Robin Tucker cuts my hair, and she does a fabulous job. She's especially awesome because she works with my schedule:"5:30 on Wednesday? Come on!"

And then I'm in and out in 40 minutes. You can't beat that.

She has led a really incredible life -- lots of travel, doing hair for celebs on movie sets, etc., so she's always got some great stories. She recently lost her gran, and she told me that she'd been helping her aunt clean out her gran's house. I asked her if she'd found anything special during this incredibly difficult, yet healing process, and her face lit up. She not only showed me an incredible handmade birthday card she'd made for her gran in the 80s, but she also had an iPhone photo of her gran's handwriting on the back of furniture that she'd marked "Save for Robin if she wants it!" back in 1990.

Fitting somehow, as it's summer and I'm missing my grandma more than ever.

She's also headed to LA in two weeks. I told her to stick her feet in the ocean for us.

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