Sunday, June 10

#161: Pizza Without a Picture

Yes, I'm the worst blogger ever, but I did have a good excuse. I was really, really hungry when the pizza was finally done. It was embarrassing late. :)

Here's the recipe. It's so much better with farm-fresh veggies. Be sure to visit your local farmers market and pick some up!

-Pizza Dough (We made ours in our bread maker and seasoned with fresh rosemary)
-Tomato Sauce (I used half a jar from Costco)
-Fresh tomatoes
-Artichokes (on Jonathan's half)
-Fresh bell peppers
-Fresh red onion
-Tons of fresh basil
-Vegan cheese

When the pizza dough is ready, roll it out and top with sauce. Cut your veggies in very thin slices, and place bell peppers, artichokes and onions on the pizza. Top with cheese and tomatoes. Save the basil until the pizza comes out of the oven for maximum flavor. Serve on its own or with a salad. Add some balsamic vinegar for a real Italian treat. It's oh-so-good!


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