Saturday, June 9

#160: Saigon Le

We started our Saturday a little later than usual, but we made it to the farmers market to pick up the week's worth of peaches and lots of veggies. I finally took a picture of the Chrysler Imperial that sits in the parking lot behind First Congo Church. It looks like a 1960's mobster car. It's pretty awesome.

Afterward, we decided to try Saigon Le, a Vietnamese restaurant that our friends Jeff and Amber have been telling us about for years. It's off the beaten path (on Cleveland near the old Sears tower), which is why it's taken us so long to try it. Now we'll be heading there on a regular basis. It was so good! Jonathan and I shared spring rolls and huge portions of wonderful shrimp and tofu with mushrooms and pineapple. We had enough for lunch and dinner.

Next stop was the Cleveland Street flea market, where I found another orange decanter and matching cups. I forgot to take a picture of them, but they look like these. They were $10!

Finally we checked our a place called Bargain Depot on Summer. It sounds sketchy, but they had some pretty cool vintage furniture there. I wouldn't call them bargains though. 

The rest of the day was pretty typical -- we hit the gym, Whole Foods, took a walk and ate leftovers. 

It was another relaxing Saturday. I'm loving my real summer.

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