Wednesday, June 6

#157: The Chair

I painted another chair tonight. This one is a ladder back chair that our next door neighbor gave me two years ago. It doesn't have a seat, so she had been using it to hold a flower pot. Somehow we ended up with it. At that time, I wanted to paint it an array of colors, sort of like the chairs in Mexican restaurants. I never got around to it, so instead it has been living in our flower bed until tonight. Now it has two coats of Dover White paint on it, and Jonathan has plans to make a seat for it as well. Hopefully it won't take two more years to do that. :)

Here's a peek at our garden -- tiny jalapeƱos and an almost-ready-to-eat grape tomato! I hope a bird doesn't eat it before it's ripe! 

I thought the colors of this rose were too perfect not to share. It's from my favorite little rose bush. Four summers and counting for that guy. He's one of three original bushes. The rest are from our second and third years.

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