Tuesday, May 29

#149: Feels Like Summer

My sister just moved back to Oxford and into the condo we shared during college. To make it feel less like college, she is doing some painting projects of her own and clearing out some stuff that reminds her of the old days. I was fortunate to inherit the china we used back then, as well as a huge box of Nora Roberts, Jude Devereux and LuAnn Rice novels. For some reason, both scream summertime for me, and I'm so pumped about this. I'm absolutely thrilled to be reading silly summery books and eating off these plates again. And I must say, dinner looks so much more appealing on them, even though my heart is sad to be parting with our trusty Target plates. We bought them when we first moved in Collierville in 2006, and they are still going strong -- we just don't have room for them, so they need a new home. They're red and blue and quite Ole Miss Rebel-esque, if anyone out in blogland would like them. If not, they'll be going to the ReStore to make someone happy or to Jonathan's brother who still lives at home for now but might need some "Rebel" plates in the near future. I truly hate to get rid of things. Can you tell?

In case you were wondering, dinner was farmers market collard greens, roasted red peppers, chickpeas, quinoa and homegrown basil, topped with balsamic vinegar. So, so good!

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