Saturday, May 19

#139: Perfect Saturday

Today was one of those special days:

1. Woke up early
2. Had breakfast
3. Went to the CY Farmers Market for kale, green onions, two kinds of squash, collards, strawberries, peaches, snow peas and carrots
4. Visited our favorite Summer Avenue antique mall
5. Took a nap
6. Went to the gym for a light workout and Whole Foods for a few supplies
7. Stopped by Muddy's Bake Shop for cookies and cupcakes
8. Stopped by Cosmic Coconut for smoothies
9. Packed a picnic and went to the Levitt Shell in Overton Park for a concert
10. Ate some snacks with 10,000 of our closet friends, didn't see much of the show, but did see a really cute kitten
11. Enjoyed the rest of our picnic on the couch
12. Went to bed before midnight

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