Wednesday, May 16

#136: Tony Allen's Interview and Bird Poo

Nothing like a Tony Allen interview to cheer you up when you're in mourning. It's really interesting to hear it from his perspective. Honestly, his reaction is not unlike that of Grizz Nation. He refuses to watch the Clippers-Spurs games or ESPN, and he believes we were the better team. Like Marc Gasol, he feels as if they should be in San Antonio right now. He continues to have that positive grit and grind attitude. He's a good guy.

You can hear the full interview here. There should be a Vernon and Allen Show someday. These guys are a match made in radio heaven. I actually told Vernon so via Twitter tonight, and he said thanks.

In other news, a bird pooped on me this evening. It's supposed to be good luck, and funny enough, my family has a history of being pooped on by birds. It happened to my mother two years in a row on the last day of vacation in California. My grandma thought it was the funniest thing.

Ah, poo memories and Tony Allen. What a combination.

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