Tuesday, May 15

#135: Summertime

Lightning bugs have me thinking about summer. Actually, I just made a list of LA and Orange County hot spots for a friend, so I have California summer on my mind. Sigh.

Unfortunately, thanks to house repairs, job changes and life in general, I'm not sure a summer trip to California is in the cards. Instead of moping, I'm going to focus on the things that remind me of a California vacation....and they're all things I can enjoy here in Memphis.

1. El Palmar -- The best Mexican restaurant in Memphis. We'll be hitting it up for good food and my favorite Mexican pineapple soda. Afterwards, we'll go next door for a Mexican popsicle. Yum!
2. Overton Park Shell -- We're hitting up the Shell for a Saturday evening concert. It's free and fun. We'll also be walking Porter at Overton Park and maybe even packing a picnic or two.
3. Oxford -- Okay, so it's not technically Memphis, but it's still close to home. I hope to visit O-town and Water Valley this summer. I've missed them both this year.
4. The Farmers Market -- Fresh veggies. Enough said.
5. Our backyard -- Less buggy than past years, I'm looking forward to finishing our deck and adding an outside table and chairs so we can hang out and enjoy the flowers, our garden and our grass (!).
6. South Main and Midtown -- My two favorite parts of Memphis. I'm looking forward to window shopping and taking pictures of both places.
7. Family time -- When we're in town more often, that means there is more time to spend with family. I'm picturing trips to the zoo and afternoons spent wedding planning.
8. Shelby Farms -- I want to start riding our bikes again. We live on the greenline and never use it.
9. Exploring the South -- I want to take a few little day trips to explore some small towns with big personalities. Water Valley really opened my eyes what could be out there.
10. House work -- I have a mile-long list of house projects I'd like to do this summer, so hopefully we'll get to accomplish a few of them. Work hard, play hard...

This is going to be fun!

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