Monday, May 14

#134: What To Do

Now that basketball season is on the books, I'm starting to realize what it's like to have free time. I didn't really have free time before basketball season because of my job, so this is a new feeling...a weird it's-the-day-after-Christmas-and-I'm-empty-inside feeling.

I know I'm not being dramatic because Marc Gasol (the Grizzlies center) made a comment to the media today that he went home last night and wandered around the house, feeling completely lost. So many Grizzlies fans chimed in and said they did the same thing. Face it, we weren't expecting the show to be over yet. While I wasn't shell shocked that we lost (thanks to being 10 points down), I wasn't ready to put away my basketball gear.

To prove my point, there are Grizzlies posters, bam-bams and flags in the Jeep, homemade pins on the dresser and programs and growl towels in my purse. I'm leaving my homemade Grizzlies pin on my work bag. I don't have the heart to remove it. 

Tomorrow's post will be focused on the future and the summer that is fast approaching. For now, I'm going to remember a great first season as a Memphis Grizzlies season ticket holder. Now I have another reason to be excited about October!

On a random side note, I saw lightning bugs tonight while I was walking Porter! I love lightning bugs. :) 

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