Monday, April 9

#99: Shop, Shop, Shop and Win

First up, the Grizzlies won. In the last few games, they have beaten the Clippers, the Mavericks, the Heat, the Thunder and the Lakers.

Secondly, Jonathan took the day off, and we went shopping. It was the perfect day to spend at The Avenue and Saddle Creek, as the weather was California perfect. We also had lunch outside at Mellow Mushroom (not our first choice, but nothing else was serving at 2:15). On the upside, we ate outside.

The shopping trip was very successful. Here's what came home with me:

From the Gap...of all places...I bought all of this:

Gap was having a sale, and I had a $10 off coupon as well. Score!

From Banana Republic, I got a black cardigan on sale and used another $10 off coupon. 

From Macy's, I got a teal colored sleeveless A-line dress with a yellow belt. Sadly, there isn't a photo of it, but it's really, really cute. I also had a coupon for Macy's.

And finally, from J. Crew, I got this on sale in Citron for $59.99. 

I'm pretty happy with my classic clothes and pops of color. I feel like I got things that I will enjoy wearing, but I also saved money by shopping at Gap and using coupons. I'm also really glad I bought these for my interview a few weeks ago. They'll look great with all of my new clothes. When in doubt, buy a neutral wedge! 

If you're wondering where Anthro was on today's shopping trip, it was a dud. I'm really not digging Anthro's clothes right now. They've stopped carrying several of my favorite lines, and everything is way too trendy for my taste.

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