Sunday, April 29

#119: Broken

That's how we felt last night after an incredibly painful, last moment loss to the Clippers. It was so bad that I couldn't bring myself to type a blog post. I was so sad and numb. Let's go back to the beginning. 
It started out so great...

Here's my homemade Grizz pin. I wore it to Target, along with my blue dress and yellow cardigan sweater. I'm sure East Memphis thought I was nuts. I didn't wear it to church.

 Our Dante shirts...Dante himself retweeted this picture. His girlfriend has become my Twitter buddy. Very cool. See more pins on my shirt? 
And...Grizzlies on my purse. Yep, I'm nuts.

 Bluefin before the game. He's nuts as well.

 Tempura green beans. This isn't nuts.

 Soul Shockers at the pre-game party. Last time we saw them I was working at the Tool Box Bash...They are definitely nuts.

 Dancing Taco Bell hot sauce packets. More nuts. 

 Soul Shockers and a nut wearing a toboggan when it's 84 degrees.

 Here we go!

 Getting ready for the white out...

 Warm ups.

 Time to grind...Everyone was going nuts.

 Oh that lead...we were still expecting to blow it at this point. 
By this point, we had held the lead for the 3 quarters. It seemed that we were destined to win, but in the final minute, it all slipped away. The screaming nuts all went silent. I swear, it was like we all went into mourning. It sounds dramatic, but that's really how we felt -- the players, the commentators, the fans, everyone. No one could believe we came that close to achieving that amazing victory at home, only to let it slide out of reach.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day.

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