Thursday, April 26


As I hoped/prayed/predicted, the Memphis Grizzlies beat the Orlando Magic tonight to not only tie a franchise home game winning streak and top the franchise winning percentage but also to clinch home court advantage over the LA Clippers. Sunday night kicks off the series, and the game is at 8:30. We're ready with our Tony and Dante shirts and our Made in Memphis flags Here we go...

For posterity, let's go back to my third post of the year when I wrote about my very first Grizz game. Who knew that I would become such a die-hard fan? It's hard not to be when you see how much heart our players have. They might not be the best team according to the stats sheets, but they have heart....lots and lots of heart. That was evident tonight following the game when the players presented lucky fans with signed jerseys. Of course, Tony Allen stole the show by giving his fan a signed jersey, a hug and his shoes. He sets the tone, and the rest of the guys follow him. I can't wait to see them go all the way. I really believe they can do this!

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