Tuesday, April 24

#114: Clips Lose and Gray Dress

First off, I'm happy to say the Clippers lost to the Atlanta Hawks tonight! They play the New York Knicks in New York tomorrow night, so I'm hoping for a repeat performance from Blake Griffin and Company. The Knicks are playing for a higher seat in the playoffs, so it should be a good game. If the Clips lose tomorrow, Thursday's home game will be CRAZY. I can't wait.

In other non-basketball-related news, I will have been at Green Line for two weeks tomorrow! Today I wore my favorite gray dress from my Chandler Ehrlich days. Gosh, I love that stupid dress. It is just one of those pieces that boosts my confidence and always scores compliments. It's just a simple wool dress, but it's timeless, effortless and it hasn't ever let me down. I really wish I could duplicate it. Luckily I did buy it in black, and both versions have held up remarkably well when you consider that I've had them for six years. I wear both year round, but the gray is definitely my favorite. Black shows every hair and piece of fuzz. That drives me nuts.

The dress actually appeared in our engagement's that good.

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