Monday, April 23

#113: Win, Win, Win No Matter What (Again)

The Memphis Grizzlies won again tonight, beating the Cleveland Cavaliers. We had some nose bleed seats, but it didn't matter. The excitement of the playoffs was in the air, and Tony Allen outdid himself, grabbing a franchise record with eight steals. This picture really says it all...The guy continues to be a leader for the team and for this city. Everyone is a TA fan. The guy's energy is contagious! Can't wait to see these guys go all the way. They have the heart to make it happen.

Now, who's cheering for Atlanta tomorrow and New York on Wednesday. We need two L.A. Clippers losses and a Thursday night Grizz win! Home court advantage, here we come!

 Way up there...
 Two very sad little FedEx parachutes that crash-landed on the rail above the arena's lights.

Go time!

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