Monday, April 30

#120: Believe

When hope seems lost, all you have is your faith. 

Don't give up or let life drag you down.

Rise up. 


Sunday, April 29

#119: Broken

That's how we felt last night after an incredibly painful, last moment loss to the Clippers. It was so bad that I couldn't bring myself to type a blog post. I was so sad and numb. Let's go back to the beginning. 
It started out so great...

Here's my homemade Grizz pin. I wore it to Target, along with my blue dress and yellow cardigan sweater. I'm sure East Memphis thought I was nuts. I didn't wear it to church.

 Our Dante shirts...Dante himself retweeted this picture. His girlfriend has become my Twitter buddy. Very cool. See more pins on my shirt? 
And...Grizzlies on my purse. Yep, I'm nuts.

 Bluefin before the game. He's nuts as well.

 Tempura green beans. This isn't nuts.

 Soul Shockers at the pre-game party. Last time we saw them I was working at the Tool Box Bash...They are definitely nuts.

 Dancing Taco Bell hot sauce packets. More nuts. 

 Soul Shockers and a nut wearing a toboggan when it's 84 degrees.

 Here we go!

 Getting ready for the white out...

 Warm ups.

 Time to grind...Everyone was going nuts.

 Oh that lead...we were still expecting to blow it at this point. 
By this point, we had held the lead for the 3 quarters. It seemed that we were destined to win, but in the final minute, it all slipped away. The screaming nuts all went silent. I swear, it was like we all went into mourning. It sounds dramatic, but that's really how we felt -- the players, the commentators, the fans, everyone. No one could believe we came that close to achieving that amazing victory at home, only to let it slide out of reach.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day.

Saturday, April 28

#118: Organized

Few things make me feel better than having an organized world. Today we made a plan for our day and got things done: I cleaned the house, and Jonathan cleaned up the yard. In the afternoon, we headed to FedEx Office to get some Grizzlies stuff laminated (I'm making pins for tomorrow night's big game). Then we got in a really good workout and did our shopping at Whole Foods. In the late afternoon, we walked Porter and spent a few minutes outside. Dinner was served on the couch, and we fell asleep watching another movie. I think that proves how tired we were after our long day, but it was such a calm, productive day. Planning pays off - tomorrow is going to be great!

Friday, April 27

#117: Off Weekend

After several weeks of major life changes and packed weekends, Jonathan and I decided we needed a break. It was a tough decision, as Saturday is Double Decker, one of our absolute favorite Oxford weekends, but we decided that maintaining our sanity was more important. Friday night looked like this --> gym, Mexican take out, movie on the couch, asleep on the couch and bed by 11:45.

Thursday, April 26


As I hoped/prayed/predicted, the Memphis Grizzlies beat the Orlando Magic tonight to not only tie a franchise home game winning streak and top the franchise winning percentage but also to clinch home court advantage over the LA Clippers. Sunday night kicks off the series, and the game is at 8:30. We're ready with our Tony and Dante shirts and our Made in Memphis flags Here we go...

For posterity, let's go back to my third post of the year when I wrote about my very first Grizz game. Who knew that I would become such a die-hard fan? It's hard not to be when you see how much heart our players have. They might not be the best team according to the stats sheets, but they have heart....lots and lots of heart. That was evident tonight following the game when the players presented lucky fans with signed jerseys. Of course, Tony Allen stole the show by giving his fan a signed jersey, a hug and his shoes. He sets the tone, and the rest of the guys follow him. I can't wait to see them go all the way. I really believe they can do this!

Wednesday, April 25

#115: Knicks Win!

It's official - Home court advantage is ours for the taking. The test will come tomorrow night at the FedEx Forum. We'll be there as the Memphis Grizzlies play the Orlando Magic to conclude the regular season and kick off the 2012 playoffs. Twitter was incredible tonight as every die-hard Memphis fan bit their nails and waited for the clock to tick down to 00:00. The Knicks almost gave it away as they had their bench playing for the last quarter, and the Clippers came back from 18 down to almost tie the game. Luckily, the Knicks rookie Shumpbert (I'll love him for life) hit two free throws to seal the deal. It was so exciting...

So, as the season comes down to the wire, my Tony Allen t-shirt is ready for action. If you want to hear what all the fuss is about, listen to this interview from yesterday. This guy is awesome. All heart, baby!

Tuesday, April 24

#114: Clips Lose and Gray Dress

First off, I'm happy to say the Clippers lost to the Atlanta Hawks tonight! They play the New York Knicks in New York tomorrow night, so I'm hoping for a repeat performance from Blake Griffin and Company. The Knicks are playing for a higher seat in the playoffs, so it should be a good game. If the Clips lose tomorrow, Thursday's home game will be CRAZY. I can't wait.

In other non-basketball-related news, I will have been at Green Line for two weeks tomorrow! Today I wore my favorite gray dress from my Chandler Ehrlich days. Gosh, I love that stupid dress. It is just one of those pieces that boosts my confidence and always scores compliments. It's just a simple wool dress, but it's timeless, effortless and it hasn't ever let me down. I really wish I could duplicate it. Luckily I did buy it in black, and both versions have held up remarkably well when you consider that I've had them for six years. I wear both year round, but the gray is definitely my favorite. Black shows every hair and piece of fuzz. That drives me nuts.

The dress actually appeared in our engagement's that good.

Monday, April 23

#113: Win, Win, Win No Matter What (Again)

The Memphis Grizzlies won again tonight, beating the Cleveland Cavaliers. We had some nose bleed seats, but it didn't matter. The excitement of the playoffs was in the air, and Tony Allen outdid himself, grabbing a franchise record with eight steals. This picture really says it all...The guy continues to be a leader for the team and for this city. Everyone is a TA fan. The guy's energy is contagious! Can't wait to see these guys go all the way. They have the heart to make it happen.

Now, who's cheering for Atlanta tomorrow and New York on Wednesday. We need two L.A. Clippers losses and a Thursday night Grizz win! Home court advantage, here we come!

 Way up there...
 Two very sad little FedEx parachutes that crash-landed on the rail above the arena's lights.

Go time!

Sunday, April 22

#112: Rain

This afternoon we worked in the yard for a while. I deadheaded roses, and Jonathan cut the grass. Right before we finished, the wind started blowing like crazy, and rain began to fall. We checked the radar, and the only rainy spot on the entire map was right on top of us. We made the best of a wet situation by sitting on our glider under the carport, while Ollie meowed at us from the sunroom window. The rain storm only lasted about 30 minutes, but it was great to sit back and enjoy a perfect spring afternoon. Everything looked so green and smelled so fresh. It's hard to believe it will be 90 degrees in a matter of weeks. I'm not ready for the summer heat and humidity. I love spring weather so much.

Saturday, April 21

#111: Win No Matter What

Another day, another win...two more to go (both at home), and then it's playoff time! Go Grizz!

Also, Grizz, the Grizzlies' mascot, retweeted one of Jonathan's pictures during the game. Now my husband is a celebrity Grizz fan. Totally awesome!

Friday, April 20

#110: Pizza Night

Friday nights are best when they include the following: a trip to the gym (watching the Grizzlies from the bike and the elliptical machine), homemade pizza, more Grizzlies' basketball (and a win!) and a movie on the couch.

Good night!

Thursday, April 19

#109: Balance

This article, which was originally posted on the Greater Memphis Chamber's site, was shared on Green Line Marketing's blog this afternoon. I love, love, love that because a better work-life balance is something I'd like to achieve, and after reading that article, I'm really starting to believe it's doable. Still pinching myself over here...

Also, if that wasn't enough, I walked to Whole Foods at lunch today, bought sushi and veggie pot stickers and then ate at one of their outside tables. The weather was glorious, and the whole experience felt very California. The only things that were missing were Jonathan, recycling (the El Segundo Whole Foods has excellent recycling) and the beach. 

Wednesday, April 18

#108: Playoffs

With tonight's win over the Hornets, the Grizzlies clinched a spot in the playoffs. I'm so excited about the extended season, and I really hope we can pull together and make magic happen. These guys continue to amaze me -- they are a true team. Everyone plays with passion and heart, and almost every victory is a team win. Sure, we have our leaders, but everyone contributes. I find it incredibly refreshing and inspiring.

Jonathan and I got matching Tony Allen t-shirts to celebrate the occasion.

Grit N Grid, baby!

Tuesday, April 17

#107: Where I Work

It's still hard for me to believe I work in this building. It's the most recognizable building in East Memphis and the first corporate-like office that I've ever had. Wearing my heels and carrying my laptop bag, I almost feel like an adult. I can't park in the garage though, because it gives me a panic attack. Instead, I get to work a few minutes before 8 and park in one of the few outside spots that are available. This is what I see when I get out of my car. Well, this and Whole Foods...

Interested in the history of Clark Tower? Did you know the architect was inspired by Minoru Yamasaki, the architect who designed the Twin Towers? Clark Tower was actually supposed to have a twin tower, but it was never realized. Instead, White Station Tower (completed before Clark Tower) serves as its companion. The two can be seen from all over the city and from the air. I've spotted them many times as we're coming into Memphis International Airport. For some reason, I'm really proud to work here. This building, similarly to The Peabody and Graceland, is Memphis. You can read about Clark Tower here.

Sunday, April 15

#105: Going Racing

Today we spent time at Memphis Motor Sports Park, watching Jonathan's little brother Anthony drag race. It was 84 degrees but really windy, so it didn't feel too hot. A trip to the races is always an interesting experience -- there is great people and car watching, and it's always fun to spend time with Jonathan's side of the family. Our niece Eliza was so sad when it was time to leave that she started sobbing and couldn't stop. That brought back memories of my childhood -- I always cried when it was time to say goodbye, and unfortunately, we said a lot of goodbyes. It is so important to live close to your family!

On a positive note, I see a zoo trip with Eliza in our near future. YES!

Saturday, April 14

#104: I'm a Habitat Volunteer

So proud of the kids in Youth United, the program I headed up while working at Habitat. I always knew I'd continue to work with the YU kids when I left Habitat because they are so incredibly special to me. They are the hardest working, most creative, unbelievably inspiring group. They always take things 10 steps beyond my highest expectations, and they have carried this program from two members to hundreds. You can see why I am the volunteer advisor for Memphis Habitat Youth United by clicking here.

Friday, April 13

#103: Getting Settled

Now that my life is almost out of transition mode, I'm really excited about everything.

Spring, work, the progress we've made on our yard, the projects we have planned for our house, trips to the gym, the NBA playoffs...literally everything feels fresh.

I'm inspired, and I'm ready to take on the world.


Thursday, April 12

#102: Home

I worked from home today. The windows were open, the pets were near and I made lots of progress on my new projects. At the end of the day, I got in the Jeep, and drove across town to Habitat for the Youth United meeting. I caught up with my old coworkers and the kids who made my old job so incredibly rewarding that I had to continue working with them as a volunteer. It just wouldn't have been right to do anything else.

Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? I'm starting to think it is. Everything just seems....right.

Today, I was reminded of this plaque that I photographed before my first Green Line interview, a little over a month ago.

Wednesday, April 11

#101: New Day

Today I started the next chapter...
and jumped into a completely different routine...

It reminded me of a new school year. 
I always loved a blank slate and fresh challenges. 

I'm still getting my footing, but I'm feeling pretty confident for the very first day.

I'm really excited about tomorrow.