Thursday, March 29

#89: Coffee

Let it be known that I have never been a coffee drinker. I tried to drink a few caramel macchiatos in college, but I always ended up with stomachaches. I'd rather drink tea.

Despite this fact, coffee has played a huge role in my career. At my first job, I was responsible for making coffee for the staff every morning. There were two coffee makers -- one in the kitchen and one in the break room -- and I brewed coffee in them several times throughout the day. I thought the smell of coffee would always take me back to the agency -- standing in that kitchen measuring the granules and filling up the water. Ad people are big-time coffee drinkers, and they take their java very seriously. As stupid as it sounds, it was a stressful job -- people would forget to turn the pot off after the last cup was poured, and the pot would burn. This happened on an almost daily basis, and cleaning the poor pot was nearly impossible. I would run back and forth to the kitchen and break room, trying to avoid a pot burn up. For a year and three months, I was the coffee girl. I wasn't sad when I didn't have that job anymore. I thought coffee was out of my life forever.

You can imagine my surprise when I interviewed at Habitat and discovered that I would be making coffee for the build volunteers. I might have gotten the job because I told Jeff I had a lot of experience brewing coffee. And so, my coffee saga continued. Build mornings started at 4:30 when I stumbled into the kitchen, eyes still glued shut, and plugged in the already prepared coffee pot. The Habitat coffee pot made 60 cups, and once ready, the boiling hot coffee went in three carafes. It almost always burned my hands, it spilled on the counter and the floor, it smelled like Chandler Ehrlich all over again, but I still saw the humor in it. Clearly, coffee making was supposed to be in my life.

Tonight Jonathan and I pulled a brand-new coffee pot out of its box, and I prepared it for my very last build morning. I'm not sure that I'll be making coffee in my next role, but I do appreciate the experience I've had with coffee over the past six years. I doubt that I'll ever smell Folgers coffee without thinking of Habitat and Chandler Ehrlich.

As I've never tried it, I do hope my coffee has been good.

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