Wednesday, March 28

#88: Good Eats

Tonight, while Jonathan was working in the yard, I whipped up a healthy dinner of Vietnamese veggie rolls. They are one of my favorite summertime meals, inspired by our birthday lunch at Number 9 last summer. If you want a light dinner that is full of veggie goodness, I highly recommend these. A couple of tips: eat with your hands and enjoy being messy!

Vietnamese Veggie Rolls*

-Vietnamese egg rolls wraps (these are thinner than a regular egg roll wrap with only two or three ingredients -- usually wheat/rice, water and salt. We buy ours at the Chinese market on Summer Avenue
-Green Bell Peppers
-Green Onions
*Use organic ingredients when possible!

Sides - we buy all of our sides at the Chinese market!
-Udon noodles
-Sweet chili sauce

Thinly slice all of your veggies. Fill a shallow baking dish with water, and place an egg roll wrap in it. Make sure both sides are wet and the wrap is flexible. Lay your wrap on a cutting board and fill it with your veggies. When you have enough veggies, wrap your roll like a burrito. Repeat until you have a plate full of rolls. Add a side of udon noodles, some sweet chili sauce and tamari (good soy sauce). Enjoy!

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