Monday, March 26

#86: Starting Fresh

In less than two weeks, I'll be packing up four years of my life and heading in a new direction. When I gave my resignation on Friday, I had been at Habitat for four years and two months. If you think about it, that's longer than I was in high school or college, and it's almost as long as I've been married. We bought our house less than two months after I joined the staff, moving into Memphis and into friendships and a real city life. The end is bittersweet, but I am so excited about the next chapter. My new job will be at Green Line Marketing, where I will be helping small business clients with their marketing, advertising, social media, PR and graphic design needs. I'll be working from home or at their Clark Tower office, so I won't be dealing with high gas prices or the crazy interstate. I'll have more flexibility and more quiet time. I'll have a pretty routine 8 to 5 schedule with few surprises. I'm ready for the new challenges and this new lifestyle. I have truly loved my Habitat chapter, and I will always treasure my time spent there. I have so many dear friends because of Habitat, and I truly understand Memphis, its battles and its people because of it. I will continue with the organization as a volunteer, a role I'm also ready to tackle. I haven't had time to volunteer because it was basically my full-time job, and I have missed it terribly.
So here's to great friendships, hearts for service and fresh starts. May the next chapter be just as wonderful...

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