Sunday, March 25

#85: Green Line

Today we strolled on the green line behind our house. Tomorrow night's post will explain this post's other meaning. There is another Green Line in my life these days. :)
This afternoon Porter and I joined my friend and coworker Shanda, her son Jackson and her funny little dog Emme on a walk along the green line. It was a really sunny day, but it was a little warm. Porter found a ball and carried it home. He has become quite skilled at finding lost tennis balls on walks. Lauren came over for dinner, and we made facon-wrapped jalapeƱos, stuffed mushrooms and tuna steaks. After dinner Jonathan threw Porter's new tennis ball for him. Now we're listening to the Grizzlies play the Lakers in L.A. The Grizzlies are winning by 10 at the half. I really hope they win...winning in L.A. would be huge, plus they need a win after losing the past few games. Fingers crossed. I won't make it to the end as they didn't get started until 9:30 our time. This game is on national television...just one more reason why we need a win!
Sorry for the rambling post...

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