Sunday, March 25

#84: It was a good day

I love a Saturday where I can get up a little later than usual, eat breakfast, shower and walk out into the sunny backyard. Today was that Saturday. We worked in the yard for a few hours, and then showered again to head to Hi-Tone to watch the Grizz game. Sadly, we were handed another painful loss to the L.A. Clippers, but we did visit with some old friends. After the game, we went to Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping, walked Porter and then fell asleep on the guest bed until just now. Sure, today wasn't that exciting, but it was the kind of day that is good for the soul. It allows for rest and rejuvenation. Plus, it was sunny and warm with a light wind -- very California-like and truly my ideal weather.
Now I'm off to bed so I'll be ready for church in the morning. I need to give thanks for such a beautiful day and for such an amazing life.

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