Monday, March 12

#72: Free Day!

The time change had a pretty negative effect on me this morning -- I did not want to get up, and when I did, I was exhausted! I was so pooped that I didn't even notice that the power was out when I got to work, although everyone was gathered at the front of the building (total blonde moment and so embarrassing!).
Two hours and many notepad lists later, I decided to hit Target. I assumed the power would be on when I returned to the office...
Instead, I received a text saying the office was closing for the rest of the day. Basically, today was the snow day we never had! Woo hoo.
Don't get me wrong -- I love snow days, but this was so much better -- I hit the gym for two hours, and then I headed home, opened the windows, did laundry, made beans and rice for the week, ironed a ton of clothes and then sat outside on our glider with Porter and Oliver. I finished a great book, and then Porter and I took a walk. The weather was perfect (78!), and I couldn't stop thinking how lucky I was to have scored a free day.
I love spontaneous free days...they are the very best. This week is off to a GREAT start. :)

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