Wednesday, March 7

#67: Fun Things

I have several good things to share today:
1. After several months of hard work, we finally launched the all-new I'm so proud of it!
2. Lauren came for dinner, and we ate quinoa curry wraps. They were pretty good.
3. This article was in the New York Times today. Kudos to the ladies of Water Valley for working to revive that special little town.
4. Spring weather continues to inspire me. I was fortunate enough to spend part of my afternoon working at a table outside Panera in the Laurelwood Shopping Center. I made notes on a pad of paper and listened to the sounds of Memphis. I work so much better when I'm happy and relaxed. Ahh.


  1. the site looks great! good work!

  2. Thanks Amber! I was glad to check another thing off my bucket list. :)


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