Sunday, March 4

#64: Yard Work

Today we got a jump on the yard work by cleaning weeds out of the beds and cutting limbs off the Crape Myrtles. Okay, I weeded beds, and Jonathan took care of the trees.
I'm off work tomorrow, so I think I'll go buy some flowers to help jazz things up until the roses start blooming. Since it's too early for most flowers, I'll likely pick up pansies. Too bad I didn't buy them last fall so we could have enjoyed them all this time. Oh well, life got in the way. Hopefully they'll last as long as they did last year. I didn't pull them out until June!
In other news, we have real grass in the back yard for the first time since 2008. It's really, really lush. Now we just have to resod the front.
That will take a while...
In other news, four years ago today we become homeowners. I can't believe we've been here that long. Time flies when you're busy with yard work.

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