Saturday, February 25

#56: Kitchen Ideas

Lots of relaxation today -- we slept in, cooked breakfast, researched house ideas and then took Porter on really long walk. The air was cool but sun was out, so after walking we sat outside with the pets for a while and enjoyed the afternoon. When the wind got to us, we came inside, lit some candles, put on some calming music and read for a while. Of course I fell asleep, but it fit the day -- simple and relaxing. We need more days like this.
Today's inspiring home renovation comes in the form of butcher block countertops. I've always liked them, and I really want to replace our counterto
ps with some dark ones. I think they would really make our white cabinets pop. An added bonus: they are really affordable. The thing that bothers me is that there isn't anything wrong with our current countertops. They are laminate, but they are in really good condition and they match the cabinets perfectly. But the butcher block would be really nice, especially with an enamel sink and copper faucet. Just inspiration for now though.
See? Not bad, but I think there's room for improvement...

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