Thursday, February 23

#54: Living

Thursday is cleaning night at our house, and I was relieved to get that out of the way tonight, despite feeling less than 100 percent. While I swept the dust bunnies around the living room, I had a good look at the things that surround us. It's easy to overlook them when I'm running around like crazy during the week, but I really do love our silly little treasures. They are only things, but they are cheerful and many of them hold special memories. After years of living out of sight, our Hermes box is finally on our coffee table under some of our favorite books. I was inspired by this photo.
I love this old book (my great-grandma's) and tray (my most recent estate sale find).
This painting belonged to my grandma and used to hang in her bedroom. I always loved it, and I was so happy when my mom gave it to me last fall. Eventually it'll hang in our living room, but I haven't figured out how I want to group it with our other "art."
Randomly, I'm on the hunt for a new litter box for Oliver. Today's trip to Petsmart was unsuccessful, but I did see this fabulous box...complete with stairs. I don't think Ollie would be a fan, but I thought it was pretty funny.

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