Friday, February 10

#41: Breadmaker

If you don't have one, stop by Williams-Sonoma's Outlet in East Memphis and buy yourself a Valentine's present. Fresh bread is so much better than the store-bought kind, and it's cheaper too. The only downside is that you have to plan ahead...we ate pizza at 9 tonight because the dough took an hour and a half to rise (most bread takes even longer). Still, it was well worth the wait.
It's a pretty affordable gift too...only $80!


  1. Girl. You need to make a big batch of pizza dough and put it in the freezer. Then, pull it out when you want it and let it rise in a warm oven. I even have a "proofing" setting on my oven. Love it!

    1. We tried making the dough the night before and leaving it in the refrigerator, and it was tough. I'm all for freezing it if that's the way to go...waiting two hours for dinner isn't very fun. :)


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