Sunday, January 1

#1: A New Year

It's a new year, a fresh start, a clean slate. I haven't finished my 2012 New Years resolution list, but I have had one resolution in mind for almost two months now. I will attempt (fingers crossed) to post a daily photo every day this year. The goal is to focus on the happy moments of my daily life (those moments I often take for granted). This is obviously not an original idea. My friend Erin's blog follows this format, and for the last two years, I have read it almost every single day. My friend Amber also did this the first year of her daughter's life. There is something really special about having a year's worth of memories, and I love how it makes you focus on the good things in life. I was never very good about keeping a diary or journal, but I have managed to keep up when a weekly calendar agenda for three years in a row. Maybe that's a good sign. So here it goes...
Jonathan and I baked homemade bread last night. Clearly, we believe in crazy New Years Eve celebrations. :) This morning, we sliced our first loaf of fresh bread, and we enjoyed several pieces of it as we drove my dad to Nashville. Pesto bread is good, especially when shared in a rental car on New Year's Day.
Perfect measurements are very important.
Jonathan slices the perfect loaf of bread.
Oliver agrees that making bread is quite rewarding.

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