Saturday, January 7

#7: A Clean Jeep and Sushi

No pictures (must do better), especially since I have a spotless Jeep that is totally photo-worthy.

Today Jonathan spent several hours washing and waxing the Jeep. He even used rubbing compound on the headlights. They look brand new. Water spots from the sprinklers at our apartment complex (where we lived in 2006-2007) are gone. The interior literally sparkles, and it smells fresh too. Have I mentioned that my husband is a champion car washer? When he pulls out the bucket and water hose, he means business, but the results are amazing. It looks like it did when it only had 300 miles on it. Poor Jeepie is 10 this year, so she was definitely due for a face lift. :)

This evening we enjoyed sushi at Sekisui, one of our local favorites, with some friends. Good food and good conversation were much needed, and we had a great time. If you find yourself at Sekisui Midtown, check out the Project Green Fork and Qualls (created by actor DJ Qualls when he was in Memphis to film a movie) rolls. Yum, yum, yum!

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