Sunday, January 15

#15: Gentlemen Style, Bringing Breakfast and Eli Wins

Today's pic wasn't taken today, but I stumbled across it as I looked for a photo of the muffins we took to Sunday School this morning, and I decided it represented this weekend better than any food picture. Dr. King is always on the hearts and minds of the people of Memphis, and as we celebrate his birthday, we remember all the good things he did in his short life. I always wonder life would have been like if he had lived -- how would our world have been different? It's a hard question to ponder.
Today's good things:
1. Jonathan found three sport coats worthy of a gentlemen on sale
2. We took our rings in to be cleaned and polished and remembered five years ago this weekend when we went shopping for our most important purchase. He proposed to me one week later.
3. Breakfast was a hit, thanks to the Bottle Tree Bakery's muffin recipe.
4. The NY Giants won, beating the Green Bay Packers in a big way. Now they're off to the NFC Championship game where they are playing the San Francisco 49ers. Another fun fact: all four remaining teams have a Rebel player on them. For this I am very proud. We may not be great, but our alums are!

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