Wednesday, August 17

Talking Food

I'm halfway through The China Study. After reading the first few pages, I realized I was ready to go back to my vegan lifestyle. If you haven't read this book, please do. It is such an eye opener. Author T. Colin Campbell's years of studying animal protein spotlight the protein's link to cancer, heart disease and a host of auto immune diseases. It is a truly devastating read for anyone who has lost a loved one to any of these illnesses. We always hear that the food we eat impacts us, and this book truly takes that mentality to the next level. Buy it. Check it out from the library. Borrow it from me. Just read it for you and the ones you love! While I'm on the topic of food, Jonathan and I have discovered some new yummy treats: Edward & Sons Rice Snax: These little crackers are the bomb. Seriously. Being an English girl at heart, I love salt and vinegar crisps (chips), but I don't like the grease and fat. I think these taste almost as good as Walker's, and with only 2.5 servings per box, I don't have to feel guilty when Jonathan and I eat the whole thing before dinner. Plus they are $1.79 at Whole Foods. Can't beat that price! Tabbouleh: Jonathan and I tried the store-made tabbouleh from Whole Foods last week, and this week we attempted to make some ourselves. Our version consisted of bulgur wheat, French couscous, cooked onion, tomatoes and avocado. It was a little bland, so next time we'll add some herbs and lemon juice. Overall, I'm a big fan -- it's light but filling and can be served hot or cold -- a perfect summer meal! Galaxy Foods Vegan Chive and Onion Cream Cheese: This stuff is sinful. At 9 grams of fat per serving, it is a treat and a darn good one! We like it on pitas, wraps or crisp bread. Rice Dream Ice Cream: I'm not sure how this post became treats-focused, but this is another good vegan treat. I like strawberry, but I haven't tried any of the others. The good news about Rice Dream is that they use brown rice syrup as their sweetener, so it doesn't make your blood sugar levels go crazy. Quick Banana-Raspberry Oatmeal: This is our very own recipe, and we love it! Put a kettle on to boil. Place 1/2 cup of organic rolled oats in your bowl (we buy ours in bulk from Whole Foods), and add organic raspberries (frozen or fresh). When the kettle is ready, pour water over the oats, but don't go crazy -- you only need enough to cover the oats. Place a lid/plate over the oats for a few minutes. Once the oats have soaked up the water, add the banana. Enjoy! Note: the oats keep their flat form, but we like that -- neither of us is a fan of mushy oats. You could also prepare this recipe by using the microwave or the stove. It's all about personal preference and how much time you have. Amande Yogurt: Made of almonds, this yogurt is a soy-free vegan alternative, and it's pretty tasty. Whole Foods carries the blueberry and cherry flavors.

I bought fresh mint this week, so hopefully I'll be back soon with a recipe for mint lemonade, which might be the perfect late summer drink!

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