Thursday, August 11

It's fall and we're famous

It's fall and we're famous
It's fall and we're famous by crystelhardin featuring a wool blend coat

I'm not usually one to want to rush fall as it's our busiest time of year at work, but the heat is starting to get to me. For a month, we've had day after day of 95 degree heat....or higher.

When the heat index gets to 120, you know you're in trouble.

To combat the dog days of summer, I decided it was time to imagine I was Jackie O. (or at least had her clothing budget), and it was October in New York, Paris, Rome or some other romantic yet cosmopolitan city. If I were to pick my favorite fashion designers, Chloe and Chanel would top the list. As I'm still digging a vintage vibe, Chloe's fall line was right up my alley. It has a 1970s Parisian vibe, making it feel very Jackie O.

The neutral palette allows for lots of mixing and matching, which is great for anyone on a budget or who just wants to maximize their wardrobe. To keep a little bit of a late summer feel, I threw in some yellow, and I had to include the orange coat. I still really want an orange coat, although it's completely impractical. I have tons of coats, and they are all perfectly wearable. I think I have a coat addiction, which is not so helpful when it's 100 outside. May there be cooler days ahead!

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