Saturday, July 2

Touching Down

Day one of our seven day trip to Los Angeles.
The Manhattan Beach pier at night.

The awesome blue chairs in the lobby of the Belamar Hotel.

It never gets old. It's only been two months since I was here, and my heart is just as happy as if it has been years. For all its negatives, it still feels like home. Even from a hotel room. This is the first trip in my almost 28 years of life where I will not be staying at my grandma's house. I'm okay with that, although I'm not sure where this sudden strength is coming from. Maybe it really is time to let go and move on. Jonathan and I are staying at the swanky Belamar Hotel in Manhattan Beach. Since landing at LAX, we've already made a trip to TJ's, and a trip down to the water is next on the itinerary. Why are we here? That is a question even I don't know the answer to. We were all set to go to Charleston and Savannah, and the plans just weren't coming together the way they should. And now here we are.

I didn't take my camera to the beach that first day, so I borrowed the top three photos are from my April 2011 trip.

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