Friday, July 8

Jonathan's 32nd Birthday

This post marks the end of my beach vacation blogging. Posted on August 1, 2011, it is dedicated to the memory of a dear friend and blog reader who passed away far too soon. He never forgot anyone's birthdays, and he always said such nice things about my silly ramblings. You will always be missed, Harold. We love you.
Jonathan's birthday coconut at Number Nine, Long Beach.
The five sand dollars we found on our trip. Retro Row, Long Beach.
The view from our table at the Gum Tree Cafe'.
Pretty flowers at Gum Tree.
More pretty flowers at Gum Tree.
My sweet birthday boy with our yummy breakfast.
Gum Tree Cafe', Hermosa Beach.
Hennessey's, Hermosa Beach.
The Poopdeck, Hermosa Beach.
Hermosa Beach.
Awesome onesies, Hermosa Beach.
Today we had another lazy morning. Slept in a little, then walked down to this adorable cafe' on Pier Avenue called Gum Tree, where we had the most wonderful breakfast of salad greens (yay) and apricot preserves/Brie sandwiches. Delicious. The cafe itself is truly inspirational - it's a 100-year-old Craftsman bungalow (it turned 100 on 7/7, Jonathan's birthday!) that is painted pale blue with tons of white trim and hardwood floors. There's even a neat little Gum Tree shop next door. Very cute indeed. It also doesn't hurt that the owner was a very nice Aussie who stayed at First Congo about 15 years ago and spoke fondly of Memphis. After breakfast we walked to Redondo, and we found tons of pretty shells in literally every color. We also found two sand dollars (we would find three more the next day)! Jonathan is really starting to enjoy getting in the ocean, which makes beach walking a lot more fun. After our walk, we spent several hours on Retro Row in Long Beach. There are tons of great vintage shops there (massive amounts of dead stock - truly incredible), and we found several more treasures (t-shirts for Jonathan and an embroidered Mexican dress for me). All of our walking made us hungry, so we stopped for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant on Retro Row called Number Nine. It was delicious. We had spring rolls wrapped in lettuce and herbs, and these great veggie and noodle bowls. Mine had the most wonderful tofu I've ever eaten on it, plus fried onions, cilantro, carrots, get the picture. So, so good, but we made a huge mess eating tiny noodles with plastic chopsticks. After our second great meal of the day, we headed back to the beach, walked some more and enjoyed a cocktail at an old bar on the Strand called The Poopdeck. They had this incredible collage of vintage Poopdeck shirts on the wall. The graphic designer in me wished for my camera, which I didn't bring...naturally. Dinner was at Jonathan's favorite pub, Hennessey's, where his food was on the house (Thursdays are birthday days). We ended the day with a walk on the pier and the dream of what life could be out here. The beach cruisers, the after work runs on the beach, the FOUR vintage VW buses we saw within minutes of each other... Life is good here. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Location:Long Beach and Hermosa Beach

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  1. Crystel,

    What a lovely blog as always. I feel like I am there, walking along the beach with the waves crashing along the shore.

    I am so sorry to hear of Harold's passing. I know how hard this is to come to terms with. Remember that it is a part of life and one that we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. He is at peace now and in a better place. I'd like to think he met Grandma and that she is showing him around.

    Love you! xxx


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