Thursday, July 7

Going Home

Photos from Olde Town Orange in the OC.
Today we headed to a new part of the OC, Orange. As soon as we pulled into Olde Town Orange, I felt like I was back in the South. OTC has the second-highest concentration of houses and businesses built prior to 1920 in the state of California. There were tons of antique stores, many of which were quite pricey, but Jonathan and I enjoyed the amount of Civil War relics that were available for purchase. Talk about irony. The highlights of the trip were Elsewhere Vintage, where I scored three very cute dresses, and The Filling Station, where we ate lunch. The whole afternoon was like going back in time. Apparently a lot of movies have been shot there, including That Thing You Do. After checking out some affordable (by L.A. standards) neighborhoods in Orange, we headed to Cerritos. A trip to Los Cerritos Center and a tour of my grandma's newly renovated house almost made us miss our trip to the cemetery. We arrived with three minutes to spare, and Jonathan told the guard we were visiting all the way from Memphis. I think the guy was a little skeptical, but he let us in. Afterwards we drank margaritas (again) at my favorite Mexican restaurant in the entire world, Don Jose. I was happily surprised to learn the first Don Jose opened in Orange on 7/7/72 - seven years before Jonathan came into the world. We concluded our night with a walk around the old neighborhood. It was hard to leave Cerritos. I'm so sad about that part of my life coming to a close, but now I just need it to be behind us. It gets harder and harder every trip. The house looks amazing though. I really hope someone who will love it the way we have will come along soon. It deserves to have 40 more years of wonderful memories. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Location: Orange and Cerritos

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