Monday, July 4

Beautiful Day

The Mucho Margaritas. Yum!
Remaining photos taken in Palos Verdes Estates, California - July, 2011
Few things are as nice as waking up, showering and then walking a few miles to the beach. The air is "cold" by Memphis standards, but it is refreshing and free of the dreaded humidity that makes you sweat. After walking along the shore, we swam a few laps in the hotel pool. It's shaded, so I didn't have to worry about the sun. I was reminded of how much I love to swim and why we need to go to the DeSoto DAC every once in a while. It's great exercise, and it completely clears my head. The afternoon was spent driving down to the OC to Fashion Island and a few disappointing vintage stores. FI Anthro was also a rare let-down, but perhaps I'm holding out for better vintage. We saw so many awesome vintage cars and beautiful early '60s VW buses in mint condition (three of them!). We ended the day by driving up to my mom's childhood home of Palos Verdes to watch the sunset. My sentimental mind loves driving the same streets that my great-grandmother once drove in her Cadillac. We try to go up there every trip to take in the natural beauty. There's a brand-new Trader Joe's in PV, so we were able to enjoy a sushi roll as we watched the sun sink into the Pacific. What is it about the ocean? I cannot get enough of it. Jonathan and I walked back down the pier once we returned to Manhattan, and we marveled at it together. The waves were quite rough, and the sea spray was hitting the pier. The water was dark and ominous but so soothing. Dinner came late at a new, hip restaurant called Mucho, where we drank fresh margaritas and dined on vegan enchiladas (with coconut cheese - delicious!) and pan-fried sole (with cilantro mashed potatoes - also very yummy) and walked back to our hotel in the dark. It's very nice to feel safe at night, and it was good to walk off all that food. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Location:Manhattan Beach, California

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