Saturday, June 4

Vintage Estate Sale Loot

The search for vintage Pyrex and other mid-century goodies has inspired us to start hitting the estate sales when we're in a treasure-hunting mood. Our first estate sale excursion (to a single home in midtown) yielded a vintage copy of the Joy of Cooking, an embroidered tablecloth and a few records. Today, we really got into it, and we visited five different sales in midtown and East Memphis. Jonathan found a bunch of records, and I found books, not-yet-opened 1970s bed linens (matching sheets and pillow cases), two additional sets of pillow cases, two vintage tupperware pieces and a bulb planter. The books included Betty Crocker's New Boys and Girls Cook Book (1957), Ghosts Along the Mississippi, Good Housekeeping Book of Home Decoration (1957), Roses for Every Garden (1948), a 1946 copy of Wind and the Willows, and Charles Dickens' A Child's History of England. The books and records ranged from $1 to $3 each, except for the Charles Dickens' book which was $5. The pillow cases were a dollar each, the Tupperware cost $.50 each, and the bulb planter was a dollar. Cheap thrills, but lots of fun. The best part is that estate sales allow us to peek into these incredible time-capsule homes and remember the people who lived there. It makes me feel good to treasure someone else's treasures.

If you can't tell, I'm especially pumped about the Good Housekeeping book. It's filled with awesome photos, and it looks right at home on my coffee table.

Want to check out some estate sales of your own? If you live in Memphis, here's a good place to start.

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  1. oh! i miss memphis estate sales. just not the same up here.


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