Monday, June 13

A Black Suitcase Never Inspired Anyone...

Neat Samsonite ads found via Google images.
Since I was three months old, I have traveled by airplane. During my early years, I remember brightly colored suitcases...lots of them. We did travel from London to LA for six weeks at a time, so I guess multiple suitcases were necessary. Back then, our assortment of bulging suitcases were always easy to spot. It wasn't until the 1990s that it became popular to have a matching set of black suitcases. Classic, but so boring. And goodness, how many times have we gotten confused as to which suitcase is ours as hundreds of black suitcases go round and round on the luggage carousel? My grandma started a family tradition back in the day of tying ribbons on her luggage. We have continued that tradition, but sometimes even that isn't enough. If it was possible, I'd carry these babies on the next flight, and I wouldn't have to wonder which case was mine...

Retro on the Road

The vanity case that started my love affair with vintage suitcases. I searched for the right one for years and years before finding this one that came with the tray, mirror, keys and original luggage tag.

My off-the-curb suitcase, packed and ready for our Nashville trip.

This post is inspired by our new collection of vintage Samsonsite suitcases. The first one I found during my April LA trip, and the second was discovered by the side of the road during a walk around our neighborhood.

Although they aren't made for today's air travel, they are so fun to use during road trips. They have the neatest details, and the Man Men feel of them makes me happy. Plus, they force me to travel with less stuff, which is always a good thing. :) During our Nashville trip, we found several more pieces -- similar the blue and yellow travel bags featured above. I'm dreaming of an orange suitcase and hat box. They are so pretty!

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  1. your vanity case matches jeff's CD case he takes to gigs! tho i'm pretty sure his doesn't have a light.


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