Monday, May 30

Daisy Pyrex Love: A Family Affair

Last year I found a piece of Daisy Pyrex during a vintage hunting trip, and I gifted it to my sister, who had just moved into a new apartment and needed some bake ware.
Although she needed it and I didn't, it was really hard for me to pass it along to her. As you know, I love flowers, and yellow-orange is my absolute favorite color. Anyway, fast forward a year, and I'm in California, helping my mom go through 40 years worth of pots, pans, dishes and Tupperware in my grandma's kitchen. As we're digging through mountains of Tupperware (not the good, vintagey kind either), what do we find? Not one, not two, but THREE Daisy bake ware dishes. And they're different from Lauren's piece. I couldn't believe our luck. Apparently it's in my genes to love these things.

Here they are in all their pretty, sunny glory. We'd been using the middle-sized dish, but we had no idea it had the Daisy refrigerator lid. The smallest one's dish is missing, so we're on the hunt for a replacement.

And that is what brought us to the Tennesee Antique Mall in Nashville yesterday. I was on the hunt for a small Daisy Pyrex casserole dish, with or without the lid. No dish was found, but we did find lots of Pyrex in various colors - reds, yellows, greens....and then, just as we were coming to the end of our search -- Jonathan spotted two yellow bowls hiding on a cluttered shelf. He lifted them up so I could get a better look, and ta-da! They were Daisy bowls! Hurray!

They look right at home in our dining room, don't they? Ahh....I'm hooked on this stuff.

Check out if you have an interest in vintage Pyrex. There is a wealth of information to be found there, and the photos are so inspiring. I have been visiting the Daisy page since I found Lauren's piece last year, and now I'm on a mission to complete our family's set. Luckily for me, Jonathan has also been bitten by the mid-century bug. You'll hear more about that very soon. It involves everything from suitcases to cars to RVs...yes, you read that correctly.

Stay tuned...

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