Thursday, April 14

Lucky Anthro Day

It was a good sale week at Anthropologie. I've been on the lookout for skirts for a while (two of my weekly staples are Banana Republic classics from 2005. Classics are great, but I have worn them every week for six years. When I say every week, I mean every week. My coworkers can attest to this. My camel and gray skirts take me from spring to winter. They are that classic. However, I've lost a few pounds in the past year or so, so they're on the big side. Plus they're ancient and could stand to enter semi-retirement. I don't think I'll ever retire them completely. I love them that much. I guess I'd have to -- I've worn them weekly for six years. :) Sadly, I'm not sure today's BR could handle six years of weekly wearing...
Anyway, after a great Youth United meeting, I headed straight for Anthro to check out the sale skirts. Several skirts that I had tried on over the past few months were on sale, so I tried them on again to see if I loved them enough to add them to my closet. These babies came home with me:

This one wasn't on sale, but for me, it was worth the full price. It has butterflies on it, and it fits like a dream. I had to have it. Plus it can wear it everywhere (work, dinner, church, the mall) from spring to fall (not sure about winter though). Click here to see the butterflies up close. Love!

I think I'm done shopping for skirts for a while. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect cork wedges, but that's about it. Fashionwise, what do you have to have this spring?

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