Monday, April 11

Flowers Everywhere!

Wow, what a fun weekend! Friday night was spent catching up with old friends at Anna's pre-wedding party. Saturday was Youth United's Battle of the Bands. In case you're wondering, Youth United is Habitat's program for kids, teens and college students. I'm not kidding about this -- working with Youth United has been the highlight of my five-year career. The energy, creativity and tremendous work ethic that these kids bring to their work reminds me that the future is going to be bright because they'll be in charge. If you're interested in learning more about YU, check out our website.
Okay, enough plugging my program, and back to Anna's wedding festivities. They were truly lovely. The bride and groom were so happy, and they threw an awesome party at the Hi-Tone Cafe, which was the site of their first date. They even hired the band they saw on said date to play at their reception. As if that wasn't enough, Anna's very creative friend, who formerly worked on the visual team at Anthropologie, did all the decor. The whole thing was so pretty, personal and fun, and it had midtown Memphis written all over it, which I loved.

I also loved that I was the lucky recipient of Anna's wedding bouquets. At the end of the night, they needed a good home, and I happily obliged. We've been enjoying them so much. I love having fresh flowers in the house (I just have to keep them a long way away from Ollie).

Finally, guess what's blooming? Here's my first bud of the year!

Other happies? The Memphis Farmers Market opens this weekend, and our new office signs are going up!
It's the first building signage I helped design/coordinate, so I'm especially excited.

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