Monday, April 4

The Downside of Twisty Yoga and Other Facts of Life

Hello friends! Sorry for the break in blog posts, but last week was a doozy.

It all started last Saturday with our third trip to the yoga studio. It was a great class, but it involved A LOT of twisting.

Apparently I am not built for that much twisting.

Day one, I was a little sore. Day three, my left side was tender to the touch. By Friday night, my left side was constantly aching. I actually thought I was coming down with a bug. It hurt that bad.

Then I remembered the twisty yoga, and I started to wonder if there was a connection. Today I visited the Walgreens Take Care Clinic, and I learned that I do have inflammation. It's not a hernia. Yet.


I'm supposed to take 800 mg of Advil every eight hours, and I'm supposed to take it easy.

Double ouch. This isn't going to be fun at all. I've been working out four times a week. I've been feeling really good about myself for the first time in years. I've been on a roll with the healthy eating. I don't want to stop.

Ugh, ugh, ugh.

I don't want a hernia either, so I'm just going to feel a little sorry for myself. Is that okay with you? My mood fits today's weather perfectly. We had strong storms and high winds all day today. There are trees down all over the city, and more than 60,000 people are without power. We do have power, and we didn't lose any trees. Our gate did suffer some damage, but that's it.

Thank goodness. Gut damage + gate damage = quite enough for one day.

To end this post on a happier note, here is some good news to start the week:
-My friends Anna and Kevin are getting married on Saturday.
-Ezekiel 4:9 tortillas taste amazing and are super healthy too. Find them in the frozen foods section of Whole Foods.

-After three years of sore tushies, we finally bought cushions and throw pillows for our Adirondack deck chairs yesterday evening. The cushions are green, and the throw pillows are beige with blue and green flowers. We also bought a string of paper lantern lights to accompany our colored Christmas lights. Jonathan and I tried everything out last night, but then we had to store the whole lot thanks to the 40 mile per hour winds. The winds were insane all day yesterday (and today as well), but the 82 degree weather felt incredible. I spent most of the afternoon in a shady spot on the deck (pre-pillow purchases) with Porter and Elizabeth. I also dug up a few weeds and contemplated a possible deck extension (pre-gate damage).

-I picked these (in beige) up at Urban Outfitters on Friday night. I have dreamed of feather earrings for oh-so-long, and now I have some!

-I also scored this from Burke's Books. Lots of lovely inspiration!

-Finally, I bought my first herb seeds of the year. So far, I have basil, oregano, chives, cilantro and lavender. I am happy to report that my thyme plant survived the winter. I may attempt to start my seeds this week, now that the gym isn't an option. Maybe there is a silver lining after all! :) Wishing you a happy Tuesday...

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