Thursday, March 24

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

Well-behaved women rarely make history. -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Elizabeth Taylor passed away yesterday, which reignited interest in her storied career, eight marriages and very interesting life. I must admit that I haven't seen any of her movies, but I do have one of her biographies. Last night, I picked it up and started reading. It's sad that it takes the death of a person to realize how incredibly talented they were. Elizabeth, of course, is remembered for her beauty (she was considered the most beautiful woman of her day), her jewelry (it's a collection fit for a queen), her work with AIDS research and a career that spanned decades. Her death marks the end of an era in a way. There isn't another Elizabeth Taylor. She was the original celebrity.

I wanted to write about Elizabeth's style, but I couldn't find much about it. I think her look transcended clothes because of her beauty (so maybe that's why her jewelry had to be so big). To channel Elizabeth, put on your diamonds, a dress that shows off your curves, add some red lipstick and practice that come-hither gaze. Confidence is key.

If you're interested in reading MSN's top-five Elizabeth Taylor movies, you can find them here.

I will be watching all of them.
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Wednesday, March 23

Try it: Allegro Tea

I've always been a tea drinker. Maybe it comes from eight years in England, or maybe it's just because I hate coffee. Who knows. For years, my tea of choice was Celestial Seasonings. More recently, I've been venturing out into the English tea world, drinking lots of Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Lady Grey.

Jonathan recently picked up several boxes of Allegro tea (my man likes to buy in bulk) at Whole Foods. While CS has flavors (Blueberry, Lemon and Orange are all favorites), Allegro has interesting combinations of flavors. I can't really describe it -- it's just that good. It tastes summery, and the names are cute as well. Okay, there's your description. :)

This morning I'm drinking Engage Your Brain, and Lord knows, I need it. Their nightime version, Peaceful Slumber, is also good.

Anyway, if you're a tea drinker, I highly recommend Allegro, which can be found on the tea aisle at Whole Foods. Just in case you are wondering, Allegro is also available at WF's cafe, but the tea flavors are of the simple variety -- like white tea, green tea, chai, etc.

Have a good day, everyone!

Monday, March 21

Spring Eats and Fashion Inspiration

I didn't plan to take a two-week break from blogging, but unfortunately, work and life stepped in, and the blog took a back seat. Spring weather also got in the way. Isn't it nice that warm weather and more daylight arrived at the same time? It's such a treat to open the windows, cook a nice dinner and listen to WEVL while there's still daylight. It just makes me feel better. I love springtime. I'm also thrilled that the farmers market opens in less than a month!

This weather makes me want to eat my veggies. We have been trying tons of different veggies lately, including daikon, collard greens, water cress and baby bok choy. Leafy greens score 1,000 on Whole Foods' scale of 1 to 1,000, so we've been trying to add them to most of our lunches and dinners (we've been eating salads for lunch and greens for dinner). We've also been doing a lot of stir frys in our new Williams-Sonoma Outlet wok. It's on the small size, but it was only $40, which is a great price for such a high-quality pan. We've also been making lots of sushi and Mexican veggies, beans and rice. If you haven't tried making your own sushi, here's a helpful hint -- add a few table spoons of brown rice syrup and rice vinegar to your cooked (and cooled) sushi rice. It gives the rice a slightly sweet taste, and it neutralizes the vinegar. We add four tablespoons of each to our rice, but it really depends on your taste. We haven't been able to buy brown rice syrup locally, but you can find it on It feels very posh to order food from Amazon!

To end the night on a spring fashion note, here are some pretty things that are currently inspiring me...

I love this Anthro cardi...

This Free People eagle necklace is so cool and different...

Two more breezy Anthro tops...

This is my favorite. To off-set all the white, here's a bright blue Anthro top!

More Free People pretties...1...

2...Apparently this is one '70s trend I love...white peasant tops! 3... 4...Apparently I also love birds this spring. Plus some J. Crew pretties too. These would be perfect on Capri!

I love the orange and gray of this J. Crew skirt...

These are perfect for a rainy day...

And this is perfect for the farmers market!

I'm loving all the blues, greens, whites and oranges this spring.

What's on your spring radar?

Saturday, March 5

Mad Men Style: Joan Holloway

Here's the second installment of Mad Men style featuring Christina Hendricks' character, Joan Holloway. Joan is pretty predictable with her style -- she tends to favor form-fitting dresses and skirts in bright, solid colors. Her heels and purses often match her outfits, and her hair is usually in a french twist. She finishes off her look with red lips, red nails and a come-hither smile.
Joan's look translates really well in today's fashion world, so break out the bright pops of colors and your favorite red sky-high heels. Now practice that Joan Holloway shuffle while wearing those heels, and you'll be good to go.

Joan Holloway Style

Joan Holloway Style by crystelhardin on

Alexander mcqueen dress $1,120 -

Alice by Temperley cap sleeve dress $355 -

Jersey dress 345 GBP -

Theory dress $315 -

Paul Smith bow blouse 159 GBP -

Fendi tweed pencil skirt 585 GBP -

Diane von Furstenberg style pencil skirt 400 GBP -

Isabel Marant suede pumps $620 -

Kitten heel shoes 359 EUR -

Suede shoes $120 -

TopShop red suede heels $90 -

Chanel vintage leather handbag $1,990 -

Clutch $42 -

Amrita singh jewelry $20 -

What Would Joan Holloway Do?

Joan Holloway

Joan Holloway

Friday, March 4

Three Pretty Things for Friday

Because it's March and it feels like spring, here are three pretty things to make you smile this glorious Friday morning....
Anthro's Fountain of Youth dress, which is safe enough for work when worn with a cardigan....

but it also has lovely shoulder cut-outs and a pretty bow. I'm quite proud of my shoulders, so I'm considering this dress....

The Shaggy Bouquet clutch (also Anthro) is way outside of my price range but lovely to look at. And most importantly, these darling Nelumbo Kitten Heels by one of Anthro's house brands. I'm in love with them, but they aren't very practical. However, if they hit the sale rack, I'm snagging these babies. This is one of the only times it pays to have big feet! Have a great Friday, everyone! In an Anthro blog note, check out Anthromollogies, which is a great new blog for anyone who loves Anthro-inspired fashion. It's one of my faves.